Undergraduate Grants - FAQ

1. Can non-U.S. citizens apply?
Non-U.S. citizens may apply as long as they are legal permanent U.S. residents.

2. Are non-Biomedical Engineering (BME) majors eligible to apply?
Yes, if you are in a closely-related field and your project and future career-goals are BME -related. 

3. I am a fifth year senior, can I apply?
Yes, as long as you have one semester remaining after you return from your grant.

4. I am a Freshman but have enough credits to be considered a Sophomore, can I apply?

5. When will I be notified if I receive a grant?
Within 6 weeks of the application deadline for each term (Fall/Academic Year and Spring).

6. Do I have to be enrolled in a formal study abroad program?
No, you can do independent research or an internship,  as well.  The proposed program must be approved by your home university.

7. When can I start my grant?
This depends on your program.  If you are doing independent research/study, it may start at any time approved by your home institution, but must be completed by the end of the semester for which you are being funded.  If you are enrolled in a formal study abroad program, you must follow their guidelines.

8. How are grant amounts determined?
Grant amounts are set at $7,500 (maximum) for one term and $10,000 (maximum) for the academic year.  The award amount is determined by the cost of your program minus any grants or scholarships you have received specifically for the program.  We will not provide any duplicative funding.

9. Can I defer my application to another term?
No.  You need to submit a new application for every term.

10. Can I receive Whitaker funding for an undergraduate program more than once; can the award be extended?

11. My essay runs long in the PDF DRAFT printout. Is this okay?
No. We allow you to see your entire essay, so tha you can assure that it meets the stated maximum length.

12. When I print the PDF of my (draft or finalized) application, it comes out small. What do I do?
Some versions of Adobe Reader automatically auto-shrink PDF pages to fit within standard borders. To correct this: in the print dialogue box, select "None" in the "Page Scaling" box. The application should print correctly.   Note, this is strictly for your reference, as you are not required to submit a hard copy of the application.

13. Am I eligible for other Whitaker International grants if I receive an undergraduate award?

Yes, as long as you have your BS degree prior the grant start date.