Travel Enhancement Fund

The purpose of the Whitaker Travel Enhancement Fund is to help provide Whitaker Fellows and Scholars with the ability to enhance their professional presence and competence in the field of BME by:

  • Visiting BME-related labs and facilities
  • Attending BME-related conferences
  • Participating in BME-related training programs
  • Participating in the training or advising of next-generation biomedical engineers


  • Up to $4,000 will be provided, with actual amounts determined after reviewing individual proposals.
  • Current grantees can use funding during the grant or up to 6 months after the completion of their Whitaker grant.
  • Whitaker grantees will be expected to promote the Whitaker Program and serve as program ambassadors while on their travel grants.
  • Summer and Undergraduate Grantees are not eligible to apply.

Application Procedures:
Grantees will submit their proposals to the IIE Whitaker Program Manager who will review and approve routine proposals. Questionable proposal will be forwarded to the Whitaker Steering Committee for approval.  Requests must be accompanied by:

  • A one page proposal from the grantee outlining their travel plans and explaining how the additional funding will enhance their grant experience and help them achieve their future goals as related to the field of BME. The proposal should include the duration of the travel and the specific labs/conferences/training programs that the grantee will be visiting.
  • An invitation letter from labs/conference registration and program that the grantee is proposing to attend.  For example, if a grantee wants to use funding to participate at a BMES meeting, s/he must show that his/her abstract was selected.
  • An itemized Budget.  Reimbursement for approved costs, up to $4000, will be made upon presentation of original receipts.
  • If you are planning to use the travel fund while on your Whitaker grant, you will need to submit a letter from your host institution advisor approving your travel.

Some Conferences previously attended:

  • American Heart Association    
  • International Society for Stem Cell Research
  • World Biomaterials Congress

Other proposals previously approved:

  • Short course on biomedical statistics at University College London
  • Funding for designing and teaching a series of laboratory and discussion-based workshops in BME