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Whitaker International Scholar, 2008

Clark Meyer

Home Institution:

 Texas A&M University

Host Country, Institution:

 France, IRPHE, CNRS

Project Title:

 Thrombus and Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Remodeling

Project Abstract

Intraluminal thrombus is present in about 75% of all AAAs and its contribution to rupture is still debatable. The post doctoral research will focus on this point. Aiming at obtaining a realistic description of the various phenomena involved in the rupture in presence of thrombus, a completed and extended bibliographic review will be performed. I will then develop and implement a proper thrombus model in a numerical simulation in an effort to elucidate remodeling triggers. In addition, a thrombus analogue will be also developed in order to perform in-vitro studies.