For more information for each of these categories, please review the Orientation Handbook (hyperlink)

Tuition Benefits (only for Fellows)
Tuition (and bench fees) reimbursement are capped at US$10,000 (regardless of country of exchange or exchange rate). Bench fees may consist of purchase of materials and equipment for the grant project.  The materials and equipment and any other bench fees must be specifically for the Whitaker grantee and not the entire lab.  IIE will reimburse the grantee for the purchase of materials and equipment upon receipt or invoice made out specifically to the grantee.  IIE will not reimburse the host institution.

Health Benefits
You are covered for the duration of your grant under a group policy from IIE. This policy covers accidents or sickness, for the grantee only. Please seek alternative insurance for dependents if you bring them.

To submit a claim, visit Log into your account to obtain a claim form and view the insurance brochure.  If you have any questions about the administration of CISI health insurance, contact IIE Program staff. Health questions and concerns should be addressed to CISI, as IIE Program staff are not qualified to answer these questions.

Tax Information
Whitaker grants are subject to U.S. income taxes.  However, the Institute of International Education is neither required to issue a 1099 or W2, nor to withhold taxes from grant payments.

IRS Publication 970 entitled "Scholarships and Fellowships", explains tax responsibilities in great detail.  IRS Publication 54, "Guide for US Citizens Abroad", provides additional information regarding treatment of Fellowships Abroad. The easiest way to obtain this publication is by downloading it from the IRS website,, or by phoning 1 (800) TAX-FORM. Remember, you only need to declare the amount issued during the calendar year, January 1 to December 31. Please note that IIE staff members are not permitted to give tax advice.

Loan Deferments (applicable to full year grantees only)
In most cases your loan payments can be deferred. However, it is your responsibility to confirm this with your lending institution. Whitaker fellowships fall under the Graduate Fellowship Deferment category which is for students engaged in a full time course of study in a graduate fellowship program such as Whitaker. The following website is very helpful for downloading deferment forms for most lenders (some lenders use their own forms) and obtaining information you may need regarding loan deferments:   Please make sure that the deferment form you submit to IIE allows you the option of choosing a GRADUATE FELLOWSHIP DEFERMENT. No other form is acceptable.